Meet our staff



If you’ve ever had to call our office before, then you’ve likely already “met” our head receptionist, Amy. She has been a long-time dedicated member of our team since the office’s inception in 2006. Having many years of experience, Amy will likely have the answer to any question you may have when you call or visit our office. She is bubbly, kind-hearted and always eager and willing to help. Additionally, she genuinely cares for all of our patients, having known most of them and their entire families for so many years. When she’s not busy at our office, she loves traveling with her son, Lenard, and enjoys delicious food and restaurants.


Frances holds over a decade of experience internationally in office administration. Her current focus into the studies of Clinic Administration further serves to broaden the foundations of her career. Personally, Frances believes that true learning never ends at any one place. She emphasizes hard work, positive thinking and a willingness to take up new challenges as a way of life. Outside of work she enjoys traveling, cooking, and practicing wellness routines.



Certified Dental Assistant



Alyssa is one of our main dental hygienists and has been at our office for just over 10 years. She received her degree in Dental Sciences from UBC and was recognized by the CDHA as the top student in her class, both clinically and academically. She taught as a clinical instructor at UBC for a brief period of time thereafter and really values education, focusing on helping patients to understand more about their oral health. Prior to starting her family, she enjoyed travelling abroad doing dental humanitarian missions around the world – something she hopes to continue to do in the future. When she’s not working at the office, she loves spending time with her 2 (soon to be 3!) kids and her wonderful husband, Tim.


Paula completed the Dental Hygiene program at VCC in 2006, as well as the Dental Education in the Care of Persons with Disabilities course through the University of Washington in 2010. She then started her own Mobile Dental Hygiene Services business, working for 7 years serving those with special needs. Paula continued to further her education with studies such as: Advanced Periodontal Instrumentation, taken through the Canadian Academy of Periodontology; and Working with people with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias through WorkSafeBC. As a member of the White Rock Study Club since 2011 she keeps up to date in the field. One of Paula’s experiences she holds dearly was when she worked with those going through cancer treatment at the BC Cancer Agency Oral Oncology Dept. Paula accomplished all of this while being employed at Queensborough Dental Centre since 2010! She loves our local sense of community & connection with Queensborough. When Paula is not working she enjoys a variety of activities such as bicycling, skating, snowboarding, reading, swimming and sewing!